Transcribe Orton, James. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1855-10-11)

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5 I beg of you Ward - do stay in Paris another year for my sake God helping me I will be over there in 6 months. The state of my health renders me almost despe- rate. I am determined to leave the Seminary & go into some speculation, for health & money. But I would rather borrow, so that I might go East immediately; and I am confident I could refund it shortly after my return. However, I must abide the wishes of Providence. I trust it is all for the best. But I think I never was so down - hearted in my life. I think I would willingly go on an Arctic Expedition. By the way, Dr. Kane who was given up for lost, returned to this city yesterday ^from Greenland^ I intend to find a place in some geological excursion party if possible - No matter whither bound if not too far South. I should really like to go on a Scientific tour with you.