miscellany (17 total)

Manuscripts or printed documents excluding Bulletins, Catalogs, and Correspondence
Mammoth (Poster)
Contract (Vassar)
Contract (Vassar)
Contract (Rochester)
Contract (Allegheny College)
Inventory A (1869-09-03)
Inventory B (1869-09-03)
Contract (Wesleyan)
Memoranda of an agreement between Henry A. Ward and Wm. T. Hornaday (October 1876)
No. 7: List of Specimens Collected in the H. Expedition for Sept. 1877
Expense a/c of Expedition for September 1877
Inventory (January 1, 1878)
Invoice of specimens sold by Cyril Stafford to Henry Augustus Ward (1881-09-06)
Contract (University of Missouri)
Eighty Natural Science Cabinets
Hall of Geology and Mineralogy
Work-Shop Notes