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Project Participants

The Ward Project is an interdisciplinary collaboration of 

Department of Biology

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Rare Books, Special Collections & Preservation

Metadata Creation Services

Digital Scholarship Lab

Outreach, Learning and Research Services


Transcription Volunteers

Exhibit producers and consultants

Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, New York, United States of America)

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium (St. Johnsbury, Vermont, United States of America)

Ward's Natural Science Establishment

Materials in the Ward's Natural Science Establishment Papers were donated by  William C. Gamble, former president of the firm (1962-1980) and an alumnus of the University of Rochester Class of 1950.

Please note: The current Ward's Science and its parent company have no direct connection to the Ward Project, and bear no responsibility or liability for the information provided on the Wardproject.org website.

The Ward Project is funded in part by a PumpPrimer grant from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, University of Rochester