"Bulletin Articles" (380 Items)


1882 Crop of Meteorites, The


Aardvark, The

Able-Bodied Insect, An

Aboriginal Man

Additions to Stock (Conchology)

Again the "Scientific Thief"

Again the Printer


Alaskan Birds (2)

Alcoholic Preparations


Amateur Collectors

Amateur Photography

American Museum of Natural History, The

American Shelving Co., The

Anatomical Models (2)

Anatomical Technology

Ancient Monuments

Answers to Correspondents

Anthropoid Apes

Antient Mineralogist, An

Apology to Readers

Apteryx, The

Archaeology and Ethnology (7)

Archaeology and Ethnology-Pottery, Implements, etc.

Archaeoptery (2)

Are We Drying Up?

Arquerite from British Columbia

Arsenical Soap

Art of Labeling, The

Atlantosaurus (poem), The

Audubon Collection of American Birds, The

Auk, The

Australia (poem)


Barbarous Cruelty to Fishes

Before the Cabinet (poem)

Biblical Museum, A

Bird Migration

Bird Overexploitation

Birds of Paradise

Birds' Eggs

Birth and Death of Worlds

Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser, The

Black Swan, The

Black Swan-Introduction, The

Book Notices


Boston Society of Natural History-Additions


British Ass. (poem), The


Bulletin of the Nuttall Club (3)

Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club

Busts of Distinguished Naturalists

Busts of Eminent Scientists


California Academy of Sciences-The Ward Collection

Cambridge Elephant (and how he was mounted), The

Cambridge Moas; with cut of group sent from Rochester, The

Camel, The

Capybara Hunting on the Orinoco

Carson Foot Prints

Cast of a Whale

Casts of Antiques (2)

Casts of Fossils (7)

Casts of Fossils-Typical Series

Casts of Gold Nuggets

Catalogue of Natural History Specimens (3)

Catalogue of North American Bird's Eggs

Catalogue of Specimens in Comparative Osteology (2)

Catalogue of Specimens of Comparative Osteology (2)

Catalogues of Natural History Specimens (5)

Celebrated Herbarium, A

Century Article, The

Chaldean Deluge Tablet, The


Chemical Nomenclature


Codfish, The

Collection of Casts and Original Fossils

Collections Sold

Colugo and His Cousin, The

Concerning the Diamond

Conchology (poem)

Copy of Rosetta Stone

Coral Fragments

Coral Grove, The

Cornell University

Cosmic Egg, The

Coues' Check List of North American Birds, The

Coyote Cunning

Cretaceous Fossils from Kansas

Custom Work in Taxidermy-Prices for Mounting Birds

Custom Work in Taxidermy-Prices for Mounting Heads

Custom Work in Taxidermy-Prices for Mounting Skins

Custom Work in Taxidermy. Prices for Mounting Heads

Custom Work in Taxidermy. Prices for Mounting Skins



Darwinian Creed, The

Dental Abnormalities

Description of a Tropical Forest


Didelphys dorsigera

Directions for Making Bird Skins

Dr. Coues

Draft of Bulletin Article (1882-04-13)



East and West

Echinocercus (Lithodes) Cibarius

Echoes from College Rectation Rooms


Editorial Notes (5)

Editorial: To Our Readers

Eggs of Apteryx

Eggs of Struthiones

Elba Minerals (2)

Elliott's Seal Islands of Alaska


Entomological Notes



Faunal Collections

Fin Back Whale, The

First Taxidermist's Exhibition, The

Flying Fox of Australia, The

Foreign Correspondents


Gems and Ornamental Stones

General Collection of Rocks

General Note (27)

General Notes (4)

General Notes-Models for an Artist

General Notes-New Additions

General Notes-New Arrivals

General View of the Establishment

Geological Charts and Pictures (2)

Geological Models

Geology (7)


Get Your Specimens Before You Selll Them

Giant Salamander of Japan, The

Glass Models

Glue for Feathers and Hair

Goddess of Natural History

Gorilla (Illustration)

Government as a Publishing House, The

Government Scientific Publications

Great Ornithological Work, A

Group of Flamingoes

Group of Hogs, A

Group of Orangs in the Central Park Museum, The


Halo (poem), The

Harvey Herbarium, The (3)

Hatteria (Sphenodon) Punctatus, The

Hell Fire Rock

Heloderma Suspectum

Homo Diluvii Testis, or the Fossil Salamander of Oeningen

Hoop Snake, The


Horse Skeletons

How the Platypus Breeds

How to Skin Turtles

Human Skeletons (8)


If You Have Anything to Sell, State Price

Important Shells

Intelligence of Fishes

Invertebrate-Glass Models

Invertebrates (3)



Japanese Batrachia and Fishes

Johnny's Monkey


Jumbo's Heart (2)

Jumbo's Humerus

Jumbo's Teeth


Kamchatka Officials

Kangaroo Rat, The


Large and Celebrated Herbarium, A

Large Lot of Australian Mammals

Level Head, A

Lewis Henry Morgan

List of Animals and Birds from the Duke of York Islands

List of Contributors

List of Quadrumana

Lists of Skins of Mammals

London Fishery Exhibition, The

Lyre Birds


Malformed Tusks of Wild Boars

Mallet Collection Of Minerals

Mallet Collection of Minerals, The (2)

Mammal Skins

Man Against Wild Beast

Man Boiled Down

Man-Eating Crocodiles

Mark Twain's Last


McGill University


Mermaid and Octopus (poem), The

Metamorphism (poem)

Meteorites (7)

Meteors and Meteorites

Microscopic Objects

Microscopic Slides of Knyahinya Meteorite

Milwaukee City Museum

Mineral Collections (2)

Mineralogy (5)

Mineralogy - Physical and Structural Series

Mineralogy--Physical and Structural Series


Mineralogy-New Minerals (2)

Mineralogy-Physical and Structural

Mineralogy-Systematic Collections

Mineralogy:-Mr. Howell in Europe

Mineralogy:-New Minerals

Minerals for Chemical Purposes

Miss Brown Finds Some Quartz Crystals

Missing Link (poem), The

Moa at Home, The

Moabite Stone

Mocs Meteorite, The

Model of Rhizopods

Models of Celebrated Diamonds and Precious Stones

Models of Meteorites

Monkey Bear of Australia (poem), The

Monster Bivalve, A

Mounting Skeletons

Mr. and Mrs. Noah in the Ark

Much-Traveled Walrus, A

Museum of the University of Missouri

Musk Ox


Nature's Surgery

Nest of a Megapod

New Catalogue, A (5)

New Corals

New Genesis, The

New Minerals (2)

New Minerals from Greece

New Rocks

New Scriptures according to Tyndall; Huxley, Spencer and Darwin, The

New Skin Catalogue (2)

New Work on Taxidermy, A

Noble Ruminant, A

Not Just Now

Notable Book on Birds, A

Note on Second Annual Exhibition of the Society of American Taxidermists

Notes (4)

Notes on Common Names in Natural History

Notes on the Lyre Bird


Odd Dog, An


Organisms in Meteorites

Origin of Salt

Osteological Abnormalities in Cats

Osteological Abnormalities

Osteology-Interesting Skeletons

Our Duty to the Taxidermists' Society

Our Group of Ornithorhynchus

Our New Catalogue of Mollusca

Our Osteological Work

Our Osteological Work Room

Our Patrons

Our Patrons-Cabinet Cases

Our Patrons-Cabinets

Our Prices (2)

Our Taxidermal Work Room

Our Walruses

Owl Critic (Poem), The


Paleontology (6)

Paleontology-Fossils (2)

Palmam Ferat qui Meruit

Pentacrinus caput-medusæ

Phenomenal Geology (2)

Phosphorescent Flourite

Phosphoresecent Limestone

Photography for Naturalists

Physical and Structural Series

Polyglotwoggle, The

Port Jackson Shark, The

Preparation of Small Mammal Skins, The

Price List of Human Skeletons (2)

Prices for Mounting Skeletons (2)

Princeton Collection, The

Prof. Wards' New Zealand Collection

Propos of Nothing, A



Rare American Eggs

Rare Animal, A

Rare Specimen, A

Rare Specimens


Recent Arrivals

Recipe for Luting For Alcohol Jars, Etc

Relief Map of Leadville

Relief Maps (2)

Relief Maps and Models

Remarkable Gathering of Gar Fish, A

Removing Grease from Bird Skin

Restoration of Fossil Reptiles

Revolution in Taxidermy

Rochester Robin (poem), The

Rocky Mountain Goats

Russian Minerals


S. E. Cassino & Co.

Scientific Thief, A

Scriptogram Stamp, The

Select Blowpipe Series


Sights and Scenes in Lipari (Professor Ward)

Sights and Scenes in Lipari: Prof. Ward

Skeleton of Races

Skinning Birds Alive


Skulls of Races (3)

Society of American Taxidermists, The

Society of Taxidermists, The

Some New Zealand Birds

Some Variations of Birds and Mammals

Song of the Scientific Swain

Special Offers

Specialties in Museum Hardware

Specimens from Japan

Specimens in Comparative Osteology (5)

Stearn's New England Bird Life

Steller's Sea Lion

Stibnite from Japan

Stilbnite from Japan

Systematic Collections in Mineralogy

Systematic Collections of Minerals


Table of Contents


Taxidemy. Ten Commandments for the Hunter-Naturalist

Taxidermal Cuts

Taxidermists Wanted

Taxidermists' Exhibition, The

Taxidermists, The

Taxidermy at Home

Taxidermy-A Delicate Task

Taxidermy-Prices for Taxidermic Work

Taxidermy. Fifteen Commandments for the Taxidermist. Applying to Mammals

Taxidermy. Hints about Making Bird Skins

Taxidermy. How to Soften Dry Bird Skins

Taxidermy: An Unappreicated Triumph

Taxidermy: On Unreason of Clients

Taxidermy: The Misinformed Naturalist (2)

Taxidermy: The Principles Laid Down

They are Coming

To Mr. Crowley (poem)

To Preserve Small Birds Entire

To the Gorilla in Rochester University (poem)

Transportation of Insects

Tulane University and its Museum

Two Valuable Collections

Two Years in the Jungle

Typical Crania Copied in Plaster


United States Geological Survey

United States' National Museum's Group of Fish Eating Birds

University of the Pacific

Unnatural History Notes


Various Beasts from Various Lands

Vegetable Caterpillar

Vertebrate Fossils of Dakota and the "Bad Lands"-Mr. Garman's Collections

Views of the Ward Natural Science Establishment


Walrus Hunting

Wanted (3)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v1:3, 1882)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v1:4, 1882)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v2:1, 1883)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v2:2, 1883)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v3:1, 1884)

Ward's Natural Science Bulletin (v3:2, 1884)

Ward's Natural Science Establishment

We Get Two Moose

Why? (poem)

Wild Animals in India

Wild Fejees (poem), The

Without Birds (poem)

Word About Localities, A


Ye Lyre Bird (poem)

Young Grizzlies


Zoological Drawing

Zoologist's Wooing (poem), The

Zoology of 1748, A