miscellany (24 total)

Manuscripts or printed documents excluding Bulletins, Catalogs, and Correspondence
Contract (Allegheny College)
Contract (Rochester)
Contract (University of Missouri)
Contract (Vassar)
Contract (Vassar)
Contract (Wesleyan)
Demuth Brothers. Invoice to Ward's (1885-08-18)
Eighty Natural Science Cabinets
Expense a/c of Expedition for September 1877
Hall of Geology and Mineralogy
Inventory (January 1, 1878)
Inventory A (1869-09-03)
Inventory B (1869-09-03)
Invoice of specimens sold by Cyril Stafford to Henry Augustus Ward (1881-09-06)
Lee, George Washington Custis. Receipt for specimens provided by Ward's.(1876-04-19)
Mammoth (Poster)
Memoranda of an agreement between Henry A. Ward and Wm. T. Hornaday (October 1876)
No. 7: List of Specimens Collected in the H. Expedition for Sept. 1877
Stuart, Alex. H. H.. [Copy] Minutes of the Board of Visitors, University of Virginia. (1876-04-18)
Ward, Henry A. Invoice to Auckland Museum (1886-01-06)
Ward, Henry A. Journal (1877)
Ward, Henry A. Journal (1880-03-21)
Ward, Henry Augustus. Bill of sale for Jackson, P. V. (1876-10-13)
Work-Shop Notes