Transcribe Memoranda of an agreement between Henry A. Ward and W. T. Hornaday (October 1876)

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Ceylon he shall receive the sum of Eight Hundred ($800) in American currency per year for his services over and above his travelling expenses. A year shall be considered 365 days which allows Mr H. the usual Sunday to himself. This salary is to be continued from the time Ceylon is reached until Mr H. shall finally leave Australia, or some other point for home direct, and in case after thus leaving, a stop for collecting be made at any point by the way, the salary is to be renewed & continued during such collecting. The salary of Mr Hornaday is to be paid tri-monthly to his financial agent, Mr Benn Autere, or to such other party as Mr H. may subsequently designate.

  Prof. Ward further offers to furnish to Mr Hornaday such articles of clothing as shall be peculiarly necessary to the matter of hunting and working in the unusual climates and localities visited, but beyond this Mr H. pays his own clothing expenses.
  All the natural history collections of the trip are to belong to Prof. Ward. All information obtained is for him also, i.e. such information as pertains especially to his business and aims, and Mr H. promises to jealously guard and reserve all information regarding correspondents, localities, &c. by which others might be enabled to take advantage to the detriment of Prof. Wards interest. Mr H. agrees to not revisit the same localities for the purpose of collecting unless it be for his own Museum (in which case Prof. W. shall have the option