Transcribe Memoranda of an agreement between Henry A. Ward and W. T. Hornaday (October 1876)

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Memoranda of an Agreement Between Henry A. Ward and Wm T. Hornaday.

Oct. 1876

  It is hereby agreed that Wm T. Hornaday shall travel from Rochester, N.Y. to Europe, Africa, India, Eastern Archipelago, China, Japan, Australia and Sandwich Islands, one, more or all, and home for the purpose of making natural history collections and obtaining information in the interest of Prof Henry A. Ward or Wards Nat'l Science Establishment). Mr H. agrees to visit all the localities that may be designated by Prof. W. unless subsequent developments render it decidedly unadvisable, when it shall be proper for Mr H. to use his best judgment. In all cases where Prof. W's directions can be obtained they shall be followed, otherwise Mr H. is to exercise his best judgment according to circumstances and act accordingly.
  Mr Hornaday is to collect such natural history material, and in such quantities and conditions as may be directed by Prof. Ward from time to time, as far as is at all consistent with the time and means at command. Mr H. agrees to give his entire time and attention to the matter of collecting, with the exception of such as may be occupied at odd times in the writing of notes, letters, journals, &c and matters of like character. But it is hereby understood that such matters of private interest shall in no case be allowed to interfere with the regular work of the expedition.
  Prof. War agrees to pay the entire travelling expenses of Mr H. from the time of his leaving Rochester until his return to the same, and to defray all necessary expenses of the expedition. He further promises that, after Mr H. shall have reached