Transcribe Journal of a trip from the East Coast of Africa to the Cape, 1884

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Around Cape Guardafui. Past Zanzibar. Island and country behind was owned by Sultan of Muscat. Was in important in slave trade. England stopped that first, establishing a Protectorate, – a high-handed thing. Then sold out to Germany, who is now opening up whole Coast, and building R. R. West to Lake Tanganyika - to join Rhodes Cairo and Capetown N.S. road. Below Zanzibar was Lullivaw [Luabo] - mouth of Zambesi. Portuguese country. Mozambique is old city-active 5 centuries ago. New [Near?] Delgon Bay. Here Portuguese [strip?] is narrow twist coast and Transvaal. Latter have no port but a R. R. to Pretoria. Come to Durban-port of Natal. Spent a month in the country. Natal is about as large as Connecticut and lies between the sea and Transvaal and Orange Free State. Was first settled by Boers who drove out Kaffirs. Then English drove out Boers. Fine [prime?] and agricultural and grazing country through hills. Fine cities. towns by Roads.