Transcribe Journal of a trip from the East Coast of Africa to the Cape, 1884

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East Coast Africa to Cape 1884

Outline of Egypt geography.
Between Mediterranean 32º and Assoan [Aswan] on [or?] 5 zone on Tropic of Cancer. Between the Desert of Sahara and the Red Sea. Traversed down through Middle by Nile. Nile Valley makes greater part of habitable country, this valley is covered with immense Wheat fields, interspersed thickly with mud villages. How these fields are irrigated. How cultivated, how harvested. Piles of grain. Grain goes largely to Govt which owns land making its chief source of revenue and paying tribute to Sultan at Constantinople. The Date-Crop belongs to the fellah[fellahin]-peasants although they pay a tax of about [unit of currency]1 per tree. Are now also immense Sugar Plantations introduced largely by the English. Also large fields of clover. Which is very fragrant and feeds countless hives of bees. Bee-hives on water-jars come down Nile. Antiquities all through country bring tens of thousands of travelers every year. Temples pyramids. Obelisks Sphinxes