Transcribe Jackson, Peter V. Letter to Ward, Henry Augustus (1874-08-12)

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                                        3.             [another hand- Aug.12, 1874]

you were to alow what you thought reasonable, also. In packing up the specimens I put in 2 more Male sheep skins. (than in list of May 4th) which I had thrown out on a/c of the horns being too small. These you can fill out, from the pile of odds & ends. & make fair specimens of. There are also several more specimens in the boxes than mentioned in the May 4th list: & I have told Rea that for the piles of Odds & ends & the extras put in the boxes, which I had before rejected, he must not expect anything. & I would make it even by making no deductions from the bill rendered May 4th last.

    Before your friends directions for skinning

came, the skulls of the sheep & elk gotten, were left attached to the skin: afterward they were taken out, so you will find of the lot, but 11, Male sheep & 3 elk which have the skull detached from skin entirely. The skins are numbered </s by> ^on^ top tied to them. The Male sheep skulls are numbered by </u dim knife cuts on inside of horns >, & the elk skulls by labels:

    There are several pieces of sheep skins

in Box No. 3 to use in patchings; & in one of these peices, are the hoofs & lower legs bones which fill out sheep skeleton No. 2.

    The two sheep skins, without skulls, mentioned