Transcribe Orton, James. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1856-03-01)

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[another hand - Mar 1, 1856 </u Orton > Mar. 1856]

  I feel it necessary to my success

as a Minister of the Gospel to pass </u immediately > from the Theo. Seminary to the pulpit; for should I travel the mazes of science </u now >:, my course of Divinity after- ward, would stand a better chance of bringing me back from any bye and forbidden paths, should I fall into them. Then, too, your experience in European life would be invaluable - in saving me from much unnecessary expense and trouble. It does seem as if I </u must > spend at least a few months with you in Europe; I cannot bear to think of your returning to America without my enjoying that inestimable privilege. But, ah! the dreaded thought now Enters my mind again, where