Transcribe Orton, James. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1856-03-01)

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[upside down at top of page- Addison, Miller, Avonelle, Sordden, at learning Theology, [Edeuondy], Frost, Sibley, Hitchcock ] and I feel unable to start the binge of Theological study. I desire your cooperation in applying to Mr W. for a loan next Sept., or August. Perhaps I could study in </u Germany > while I could not, without great risk, in Andover. Don't you think that true? Should I go next Aug. I might be able to attend Sections on November. I think it would be an advantage to my health, even should I study as hard or harder than I do here Oh, Ward, if you can assist me in any way by your influence, you will not fail of securimg as you have already obtained, my heartfelt gratitude. I feel as if this was a solemn subject something which deals largely with my future life and labors; I am really afraid to study at Andover. I do pray Providence will protect you in health, and make you a very useful man; but I hope you will take me along in your good work.