Transcribe Ward, Henry A. Letter to Ward, Elizabeth D. (1855-02-10)

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in suddenly meeting a party which contained three of my college acquaintances, with one of whom I was quite intimate. We visit almost daily, Temples [or?] Grottoes, filled with sculpture and hieroglyphics. I enjoy these very much, not so much to examine them, as to sit alone and receive the effect. One in Nubia Aboo-Simbul, is larger than any in Egypt. It is on the Nile about 200 miles from Syene or 40 this side of Wady Halfez. Our Nat. Hist. collections go on gradually. We see lots of crocodiles, but have, as yet, been unable to get any. Our present boat is much smaller than the “Lotus”, and full of rats & cockroaches. It is quite a common thing among Nile travelers to have their head shaved, like the Arabs, both for comfort & health. I had concluded not to do it, but the thought has lately come into my mind that I might get my hair under better control by so doing. I accordingly joined a party of two today, and visited a barber who soon made us all as bald as when we were born. I assure you that in this warm climate the change is delightful. We expect it will grow out before we get back to Paris. We have two of our old sailors with us whom we find especially useful in training the new crew. It was really affecting in parting