Transcribe Green, T. Letter to Lee, A. W. (1876-03-03)

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[page 1] Easton March 3rd/76 Mr. A.W. Lee

     Dear Sir:
             I send you Mr Ward's

reply to my communication to him If his goods were sent as he states, off the route propose after an agreement of charge for it is plain he is in no way to be made respon- sible "This he says I made a bargain to carry freight through from Rochester to Easton. The freight was marked properly, and the bill given for it at Rochester guaranteed its delivery at the price stated on bill. The R.R. overlooked that and instead of bring- ing it through directly and expeditiously they followed plans of their own and took it out of its course, around by Reading. There they wished to ignore a price bargain and charge me the accumulation of their local rates. I protested they insisted and the upshot was that I compromised the matter and gave