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and breaks with a hammer, which an iron meteorite will not, except by a 

very heavy blow on a small projecting point. The iron meteorite has a texture as dense and homogenous as is that of a horse show or an anvil. Finally, Iron Meteorites have, most of them, a certain inner structure which shows a peculiar pattern called "Widmanstatten figures." To test your iron meteorite, file and polish a surface as large as your thumbnail. Cover that surface for the space of a minute with dilute nitric acid- half acid, half water. If you have a meteorite, the "figures" will come out more or less as on the cut on the preceeding page.

 Iron Meteorites are much more often found, because they resemble nothing 

but a mass of artificial iron; while stone meteorites too much resemble ordinary stones to attract especial attention, except in a prairie, where common stones do not occur.

 About 200 meteorites have been found and made known in America. Yet-

for meteorites have been falling in all the ages past- there are undoubtedly MANY THOUSANDS of them distributed over the fields and hillsides of our country,- on the surface, or slightly buried beneath it. These are valuable -whether large or small pieces- when they fall into the hands of meteorite collectors.

 I- the writer of this circular- AM EVERY READY TO BUY METEORITES AT A 

FAIR, LIBERAL PRICE. Parties having any meteorite specimens are requested to write me ALL facts about them: -WHEN and WHERE was the piece found? Its SIZE? Its WEIGHT? Its general SHAPE and APPEARANCE? If a stone,- has it a CRUST Mail me a small fragment. Do not send by express except as PREPAID, unless after correspondence I should request that. Give your full Post Office address.

  Address me: 
                                              PROF. HENRY A. WARD
                                                       620 DIVISION STREET , 
                                                                                 CAICAGO, ILL. 

In summer or autumn months (June to November inclusive) address me at Wyoming, Wyoming Co., N.Y.