Transcribe Ward, Henry A. Letter to Orton, James (1855-04-17)

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It is a most noted locality for these, especially the latter, along its whole length & those most beautiful Radiata are abundant there in over 80 species. From what I can gather I think the shore is very much in general appearance like the Bay of Fundy. Fossils of the finest kind are abundant in this country & I have today sent home over 800 lbs. of these, minerals, & antiquities. I suppose, Orton, you leave college this fall. Be sure & write me where you go & how you prosper. We have probably neither of us the time for a regular correspondence, but, on the other hand, Orton, </u do not let us forget each other >. We have held too close an intimacy with each other in days past to allow that. Please remember me to all my friends of the class of '55, Orton, you can write me nothing more acceptable in a letter (next to news about yourself) For myself I am looking forward with the greatest pleasure to a life ( if it is spared) spent in teaching the Nat. Sciences. I am every day more convinced that I should like nothing as well & perhaps should succeed in nothing better. Remember me to </u Forbes >. I want to hear from him. I wrote him last when I wrote you. Perhaps you have both written me & the letters are at Rome, as some have been sent there for me. Direct to "care of Green & Co. </u Bankers Paris > France )post paid or they fail). If Chauncey Hyde comes to next commencement shake his hand for me. Please give Freshman Hill the enclosed Note I write you this short note because I have no other opportunity to send you before you leave college. Will you do me a real favor Orton, I am going to have need perhaps of all Liv. Co. fossils & the suit will not be complete without that slab of corals & [Borzozons] which I gave the Nat. Hist. Society At Wms, I want to get ^it^ for what will be worth double the amount to them, but ( as being the donor) of course it would not do for me to broach the subject. Can't you devise some plan Orton. I never can do it otherwise Tell them that a friend of yours will give them twice its value in European minerals & Fossils or in Egyptian Fossils, if they will do ^it^ merely appoint some Freshman Member committee upon the subject & wrap up or put up (from under that moose) the specimen at once. Write me what you do upon the subject. I wish I knew where you were going in the world, so that I might follow you in my mind. But I must close as it is quite late. Your offec. friend Henry A. Ward P.S. Please tell Washburn to write to me.