Transcribe Baker, Arthur B. Letter to Ward, Henry A (1883-05-04)

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have been consolidated, so your pass, I suppose, covers both. If it should chance that Henry has a little spare time before going over to Cala. he might go via Kansas and stop off a while with me. I should be far from sorry if he could do so.

  When Henry's movements are decided, I

will conform my plans to his, so as to take advantage of the pass.

  Have you obtained any Antelope yet?

I am told here that they can be had (purchased) not far west from here. I do not count much on the information but in case it should be correct, how many skins are wanted? Any skeletons or young? Prof. Wilder wants a skeleton. He gave me a list of material which may be furnished to the amount of $200. - principally Carnivora (hearts, brains, skulls, skins and foetuses). He seems to be affected with a sort of Felidae mania; and anything