Transcribe Rice, William C. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1876-03-31)

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^Mar. 31, 1876^ Oakland Valley Iowa March 31st 1876

Mr. A. Ward

      Dear Sir

as I have not heard from you I thought I would write again and see if I could do anything with you it seames that I had ought to have heard from you. I will give you prices of skins skeletons and Eggs what I can afford to get them for provided I do not have to cleane the bones and that is something that I do not understand if you wish me to clean them pleas instruct me how to do it Beavers per piece $10.00 Swans $ 5.00 Otters " " $15.00 Wild Geese $ 2.00 Badgers " " $ 5.00 Prairie Dogs $ 5.00 Red Fox 3.00 I blow Eggs in the Woolf [Prarie?] 3.00 best stile at one Whooping Crane 50.00 hole in the side I Sandhill Crane 2.00 also keep a perfect