Transcribe Kean, Robert Garlick Hill. Letter to Smith, Francis H. (1876-03-22)

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ment. To procure, exhibit, and use to the best advantage such a collection, it with all its classes, ought to have a building specially designed for its reception, and containing convenient lecture rooms. Sucha a building I suppose, spacious enough and properly furnished with cases, would cost - $25000. to $30000, completed, and include- only the cost of mounting the specimens

  In the present state of our finances, I

am of opinion that the General Assembly would not approve of an increase of our debt- so that with grief I am obliged to say, that for some, possibly many years to come, building will be out of the question -

  </u But > the thing is in itself so desirable

that if it cannot be accomplished in the best manner, or even in a manner worthy of the gift, it ought to be done in the best our situation will allow, if the donor will so permit. By placing one class in one room or set of rooms, and others in others, I think decent - temporary moves alone may be made. I mean by putting the