Transcribe Ward, Henry A. Letter to Orton, James (1852-04-19)

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the limestone there & putting up a box of spar & e. but on the whole I wqas rather disappointed with Lockport everything has been picked over so Much. I spent Friday & Saturday at Niag. Falls Queenston, Chipewa, Lewiston, Bellevue & e. & had very pleasant time. I got home Sat. night with about 150 lbs. of specimens some very nice & some quite ordinary but saw enough to pay for going if i had not got a single mineral. I got back to Geneseo in a few days to spend another term. I get long well in my studies, mcjudice, & enjoy myself very much. I shall collect fossils some but otherwise shall pay me attention to Mineralogy or Geology for they are the proper balance of my mind which i very much dislike. I can notstudy chemistry this term as there will be no class in it. I shall either take Boany or Phisiology instead. My term closes July 16 when we have 7 weeks vacation. I shall i spend it I do not know. I should love dearly to go with you to Nova Scotia as you as you spoke of in your last letter, but have no way to meet the expense. Such a trip would be very very pleasant to me especially the sea-voyage home from Halifax yet I do not really think we should do as much getting specimens as on some shorter trips. I had taken pains to not look too confidently on going during your coming vacation & so was not disappointed by your letter. The earliness of the season was perhaps sufficient reason for not thinking a moment of going then, but with all due respect for Hudson's opinion as to the ,u.high price</u> of minerals there it would l not hinder me one moment.