Transcribe Rice, Wm. North. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1883-10-23)

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Rice, William North. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1883-10-23)

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Wesleyan University Middleton, Conn., Oct 23, 1883

                              Nov  1

Henry A. Ward, M.A.:

           Dear Sir,
  The Ramme ear is duly received.

It is not altogether satisfactory, I think we must have the best - the Auzoux model, large size. Are you willing to order the Auzoux for us, allowing us to keep the Ramme until the Auzoux comes? In that case, we will pay for the Ramme now; and, when the Auzoux comes, we will return the Ramme in good condition and free of expense ^to you^, and you will credit us sixteen dollars on the Auzoux. I am desirous of making this arrangement, in order that I may have some sort of model for use with my class this winter;

                                  Yours truly,
                                                  Wm North Rice.

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