Transcribe Maxwell, S. B. Letter to Hornaday, W. T. (1879-09-11)

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Iowa State Library

   Des Moines, Sept 11 1879

Dear Mr. Hornaday

     Your letter of some time since was duly rec'd.  I have not time today to answer fully but will say this to you. I think it will be better for you to come here and inform yourself with regard to all matters relating to the science movement in the State & you can then better judge what course to take. I rec'd a call from a gentleman this morning who told me he should ask assistance from the Legislature this winter.
    I am so very busy and not very well, so I shall not have time to give your matter the thought and attention that it deserves.
    As you understand these matters better than I, and as the organization of our Society has awakened so much interest throughout the State, and as I am so much occupied with Library matters, I think, it will be better for you to come here & see for you self what you think about it. Prof. Page's plan is an old one but I never heard of it until this morning. Sincerely S. B. Maxwell

[upside down, at top of page} I send you Prof. Wordman's letter as one of the many expressions in the same direction. Prof. W-- is a resident of Dubuque, has a large collection &c. Please return his letter. {This letter (Prof. W's) contains nothing of special interest & I do not send it you. W. T. H.