Cherrie, George Kruck, 1865-1946


Alternative Title

Ward's Employee


Biographical text

Field explorer for the Brooklyn Museum in Costa Rica and South America

Schmidt notes about WNSE staff

Came about 1884 & let out (fired?) about two year after.
Came from Iowa. Came as apprentice for bird taxidermy. Took work in college again.

Fired boilers in Electric Light Plant. At home for a while.
He went mostly with Akeley and Critchley and Turner.

Not cut out for professional taxidermist. Let out on account of telling Akeley and Critchley dope gathered at Ward House about jobs at A.M.N.H.

Date of Birth


Place of birth

Knoxville, Iowa, United States of America

Date of Death


Place of death

Newfane, Vermont, United States of America



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