Bull, Charles Livingston, 1874-1932


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Biographical text

Artist and illustrator, specializing in animals
U.S. National Museum, 1893

Schmidt notes about WNSE staff

Famous animal artist.
Family lived in Rochester, his mother a widow, one brothers, Grant.
Came about 1891, left 1893.

Was an amateur taxidermist, & came especially to learn taxidermy. Went to Art Institute in Rochester, was skillful with pencil.

Drew bird in desired position for models. Stuck to birds, and did first rate work. H.A.W. advised him to take up drawing professionally.

An opossum of some species was wanted for an order, & Henry A. Ward wrote to Lucas in Washington for one, on an exchange deal with U.S.N.M. (Smithsonian) This did not come & H.A.W. had Bull draw an old man & dog & old gun & lantern & hollow tree on postcard, with words “Where is that possum?” to send to Lucas to remind him.

Very well liked by everyone. Very good friend of Joseph Santens.

Went to National Museum as taxidermist in 1893.

Voice good, and joined the Opera Club. Singing popular around the shop. E.G. [Edmund Gueret?] often went cycling with Charlie Bull (his brother had a bicycle shop). E.G. joined club and used to practice with Mrs. Bull (sr). Gilbert & Sullivan and such light operas were popular with this club. They gave a week in Rochester & one night stands in small towns.

Date of Birth


Place of birth

Walworth, New York, United States of America

Date of Death


Place of death

Oradell, New Jersey, United States of America



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