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Four-horned variety

Slightly damaged

Series of Nine Human Fetuses, each mounted separately, in glass case (The largest 16 inches high, the smallest, 2 inches) I also have on hand various Anatomical Models, the work of German and French artists, illustrating, inter alia, the Myology and…

 Disarticulated, and bones mounted with spaces / under glass

 Bones united with artificial ligaments (twisted sinew), allowing the bones to be separated or drawn together in their proper places

 Bones united with artificial ligaments

 Bones united with artificial ligaments

Cut away on the jaws, so as to show the first and second dentition

Mounted a la Beauchene, with bones slightly spaced.  Under glass shade

Mounted with various sections, showing special parts

With horizontal section

Disarticulate, in box with compartments

Disarticulate, with bones of one hand and one foot united by artificial ligaments

Mounted in handsome Ash case, with extensible bracket, and lock and key

Mounted with bronzed standard on Black Walnut pedestal and with Cambric tunic

Mounted with suspension ring
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