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This list of employees of Ward's Natural Science Establishment was compiled from the Rochester City directories (1862-1899). In some cases it is clear that the name of an individual appears with different spellings; where that is not clear, two listings have been made. The specialty of the individual also varies from year to year, and those variations are noted below.

Corrections and emendations are gladly received.

Adams, Charles F.: taxidermist
Akeley, Carl Ethan: taxidermist
Anderson, James A.: paleontologist
Applegate, W. A.
Ashley, George H.: geologist

Bailey, George V.
Bailly, Jules F. D: osteologist
Baker, Arthur B.: naturalist
Baker, Frank C.: naturalist
Barker, Mary: domestic
Barrett, F. P. (Fred. P.): mineralogist
Barrows, Elizabeth Maud Withall: naturalist
Barrows, Walter B.: zoologist
Bietry, Zebina J.: taxidermist
Bull, Charles L.: taxidermist
Burgy (Burge, Burgi, Burgie), Fritz (Frederick): taxidermist/osteologist/maps

Chadwick, George H.: paleontologist
Cherrie, George K.: taxidermist
Chichester, Charles D.: geologist/mammalogist
Clark, Bert: carpenter
Clarke, Sherman: chemist
Cooper, William: taxidermist
Crampton, Dr. Henry E.
Critchley, William J.: taxidermist
Cummings, Carlos E.
Cunningham, Frank A.: clerk

De Kempeneer, Charles C.: osteologist
Delaney, James M.: osteologist/conchologist
Denslow, Harry (Henry C.): taxidermist

Egleston, Gilbert C.: osteologist
Ewing, John A.: taxidermist

Fenn, Samuel P.: clerk
Fisher (Fischer), Eugene: osteologist/zoology dept.
Forrest, Jay H.: osteologist
French, William E.: painter

Gibbs, William: osteologist
Gilbert, Grove Karl
Girard, Honore: osteologist
Gueret, Edmond N.: osteologist

Hill, Franklin C.
Hornaday, William T.: naturalist
Howell, A. J.: assistant geologist
Howell, Edwin E.: geologist
Howell, Frederick D.: paleontologist
Hutchison, Charles F.: mineralogist

Ives, Henry G.: mineralogist

Jeremiah, William: taxidermist

Kirchhoff, Charles: osteologist
Kirchhoff, Chrysostome: osteologist
Kohler (Koehler), Charles: cabinetmaker/finisher
Kohler, Henry J: osteologist
Kohler (Koehler), Robert: carpenter

Lauderdale, Clarence: osteologist
Lauderdale, Henry H.: osteologist
Lucas, Frederic A.: osteologist/naturalist

Mallory, Charles: painter
Malville, Ernest: blacksmith
Martens, John: taxidermist
Martin, Paul H.: painter
Meyer, Alice: nurse
Mirguet, Edmund C. (Charles E.): osteologist
Moehling, Ernest: moulder
Muhl, George: taxidermist
Murat, Lessairl: osteologist

Osborne, Hattie G.: stenographer

Pellett, R. H. : anatomist
Perrot, Baptiste: osteologist
Platt, Darwin: osteologist
Platt, Lucian D.: painter
Poppert, William: painter
Potter, Elbert L.: fossil dept./invertebrate dept.
Preston, Harry L.: mineralogist
Prevotel, Isidore: taxidermist

Rigali, Paul: moulder
Roth, Jennie S.: domestic at house

Santens, Helen G.: taxidermist
Santens, John B.: laborer; watchman
Santens, Joseph A.: taxidermist
Santens, Remi H.: taxidermist
Savard, Joseph: osteologist
Schutter, Peter: osteologist
Schwerdtfeger, William G: taxidermist
Schwartswager, William: taxidermist
Scollick, Joseph W.: osteologist
Shrosbree, George: taxidermist
Slocom, Arthur W.: paleontologist
Smith, Walter: geologist
Staebner, Frederick W.: mineralogist
Storck, Joseph: taxidermist
Straub, George: carpenter
Swift, M. Louise: painter

Taylor, James H.: superintendent/clerk
Tennant, Josiah: taxidermist
Thonen, Christian: mason/mineralogist
Tillotson, H. Z.
Tollin, Oscar: taxidermist
Townsend, Charles H.: naturalist
Tripp, Percy M.: taxidermist
Turner, George B.: taxidermist

Von Frankenberg, Victor: artist

Walton, J. W.: artist
Ward, Charles H.: naturalist/figure caster/artist
Ward, Edward Smith
Ward, Frank A.: treasurer
Ward, Frank H.
Ward, Henry A.: natural science collection
Ward, Heny L.: naturalist
Webster, Frederic S.: naturalist
Wheeler, William Morton: entomologist
Wheelock, Richard H.: mineralogist
Wild, George: taxidermist
Wood, Nelson R.: taxidermist