catalogues (19 total)

Catalogues listing and describing specimens for sale by Ward's Natural Science Establishment and Ward & Howell
Exhibit of Ward' New Orleans (1885)
Notice of the Ward cabinets...the University of Rochester (1863)
Illustrated descriptive catalogue of school series of skeletons (1881)
Masks of faces of races of men (1888)
Catalogue of human skeletons and osteological preparations, anatomical models and busts. (1894)
Catalogue of human skeletons and anatomical preparations (1891?)
Catalogue of specimens of comparative osteology (1877)
Catalogue of a collection of human and comparative odontology (1897)
Catalogue of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fishes (1877)
Catalogue of mammals, birds, reptiles, batrachians and fishes
Mammals of North American region (1882)
Mammals of Central America, including Mexico and the West Indies (1883)
Revised list of North American mammals (1885)
Catalogue of the college collection of paleontology (1891)
Catalogue of glass models of invertebrate animals (1888)
Catalogue and price list of casts of Dinocerata and Hesperornis (1891)
Notices of the mammoth (1878)
Catalogue of the Schermerhorn school series of casts of fossils (1877)
Catalogue...of echinodermata, corals, gorgonias and sponges (1892?)