Transcribe Bantlin, Julius J. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1880-11-30)

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Cincinnati November 30, 1880

Professor Henry A. Ward Rochester New York

Dear sir,

Your favor of 27 from New York is just to hand

and seeing by enclosed slip from your clerk he is tired of the bother to

feed the Grizzlies, so I telegraphed you at once to forward the

2 Grizzlies by American Express at once and direct them to our Zoological

Garden and as soon as they arrive I shall send you draft in New York

to your order for $125 they can keep them at our zoo until I can

exchange them for some pheasants in Europe which I then present to

our zoo the reason I made in my first letter the proviso that

you should keep them for a while, is because Thompson got your

letter just before starting for Baltimore to receive some animals

coming for our zoo amongst which is some for me which I exchanged

for a Grizzly and which I gives a zoo gave the zoo on arrival here but I can

manage to bring your grizzlies at the zoo without Thompson being

here I see you was in New York and Space and saw Conklin, did he tell you

what happened in Thanksgiving night at Central Park. Some dogs

broke into it and killed a lot of Cygnus olor and nine Cygnus

atratus, a nice thing to happen when the city is paying $95,000

a year for 100 night policeman.

If ever I can be of any service to you please command me

with highest regards I sign myself

your obt serv't

Julius J. Bantlin