Akeley, Carl Ethan, 1864-1926


Alternative Title

Ward's Employee


Schmidt notes about WNSE staff

Typical youngster who came to Wards to learn taxidermy. Thus he tried Bruce’s Taxidermy Establishment first, in Brockport, and found it unsatisfactory & came to Wards.
Akeley worked for John Walrus, taxidermist in New York, a rather poor place in the Bowery. (This just after he left Wards).
[Wheeler responsible for getting Akeley to Milwaukee and recognized his abilities. He probably intended to make a scientist out of him, but Akeley went his own way.
Try to find the Horse Shoe Crab story in the Rochester Papers.

Date of Birth


Place of birth

Clarendon, New York

Date of Death


Place of death

Mt. Mikeno, Belgian Congo



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