Denslow, H. C.


Ward's Employee



Biographical text

Artist specializing in birds; Taxidermist, Field Museum of Natural History, 1892-1893; Taxidermist, Field Museum of Natural History, 1898-1900; American Museum of Natural History, 1900-1907

Schmidt notes about WNSE staff

At the State Normal School at Brockport before coming to Rochester. Came to Wards in 1883. Began taxidermy at age of 11. Somewhat queer and in sanitarium for some time. Father insane. When he came, already set in his ways and ideas. Hence argued a good deal, and always wanted to be right, and could not be convinced against his opinion.
Never ate with rest, even outside he went to his own tree; though he sometimes joined Eggleston. Collected insects after lunch, and pinned them well, all from University Campus. He wanted to sell them to the University when he left Ward's. Denslow came from farm outside Rochester on the Dugway Rd. Eggleston used to go there Sundays to fish in the brook on the farm.
Went on Adirondack trip with Stedman (of Botany Dept., Cornell), who got up a party of about 14. Gueret, Eggleston, and Denslow ordered fishing tackle at once from N.Y., but Eggleston could not go (too poor) and Gueret decided against it on account of too much to carry. He wanted to go by boat instead of hiking. Denslow went. Denslow collected birds with sling shot. Was especially a bird taxidermist. Ate too much cornmeal on this trip and all got a queer diarrhea, trying to evacuate and could not, so had to give up this diet. Most dropped out. Stedman, Denslow, and 3 or 4 who were left, bought a boat on the Fulton chain of lakes and sold boat to good advantage when they were through. Had wonderful trout fishing, but Denslow would not use the fly rod except with lancewood tip off, to great disgust of his companions and of Eggleston when he came back. (Gueret still has the rod in 1936). Denslow got 3 pickerel on 3 casts with hand line and spoon on lake in this trip. Denslow was in Field Museum before 1900. He worked under Akeley and mounted the two Hyaena groups, together with a lot of individual mounts.
Went to American Museum from Field Museum to do birds. Apparently did the turkey with feathers transferred to wax. Married teacher, artist in oil painting, in Chicago, and Denslow took this up and quit taxidermy for oil painting. (Hartford, Connecticut)



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