Baker, Frank Collins


Ward's Employee


Biographical text

Curator, Zoology, Field Museum of Natural History, 1894
Curator, Chicago Academy of Science, 1894-1915
N.Y. State College of Forestry, 1915-1917
Curator, Museum of Natural History, University of Illinois, since 1918

Schmidt notes about WNSE staff

Came to Wards in '90s. Stayed till 1893.

Was there several years, not 1 year as listed in American Men of Science.

Left Wards for Academy of Science, Chicago..

Quiet and kept to himself. Worked in shell house.

Married girl who went by the Establishment on her way to school.

Secretary of the Rochester Academy of Science for several years.

[Professor Herman LeRoy] Fairchild took a special interest in Baker & some others.

Went to Wood’s Hole to collect while at Ward’s, & was greatly excited and the Wardites helped him pack up. He had forgotten stuff, and had no alcohol, etc.

Biographical Sources: American Men of Science (1930?)



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