Transcribe Hornaday, W. T. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1883-01-24)

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[page 3] affairs as a last result. I would then sub- mit to it with as good grace as possible for the good of the cause. But without !000 and without Stude3r, yours truly would flap his wings joyously and sail in. I believe I could do just as good planning as Studer, now, & execute it all too.

     Mr Webster asks how many books the S. A. T.

owes Studer for. So far as I know one only, which you have more than paid him for in that column book notice. The one I have I have fully paid for by doing chores for Studer at the Institution, & writing up his book notice. He can just bet his sweet life he will never see this book again, nor any further returns for it.

       Now Professor, I do hope you won't let

any thousand miles on this continent keep you from helping us through that N. Y. affair by your presence, your advice and your influence. We ,u>must</u> have you for President of that Board of Ex. Commissioners. Dr Holder, Dr Prince & Mr Beard are willing to help, but they won't feel like being directed by boys. I don't see how the Ex. can be made a financial success without you to plan for drawing the crowd.

       This may have a very great influence on

your further sales of stuffed animals in N. Y. and it seems to me now is your time to work up the necessary interest in the subject. Make your trip wait for the Exhibition. Next year you