Transcribe Hornaday, W. T. Letter to Ward, Henry A. (1878-08-01)

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collect every species of fresh water fish I can get hold of. In fact the prospects are </u very > good for a large & valuable col- lection. I have invested largely in an outfit of tinned provisions, ammunition &e. I propose to </u live well > and </u work hard > the former </s of > being necessary to the latter. I have 50 lbs shot, mostly large sizes, 8 lbs gunpowder, 20 lbs alum, 15 lbs arsenical soap, with the knives all well ground and everything in perfect order. But oh ! for some more percussion primers ! Now that I am going to Sarawak and can know how I'm going to get about I am going to take 40 gallons of the methylated spirits, - two drums full and the 2 small cans. I tell you my outfit is something prodigious, & this is an "Expedition" in the fullest sense of the word. Altogether I will have 10 boxes big & little - mostly little - to take over. I <./u cannot fail > to do well there. If Sarawak does not pan out to suit me I can get aboard a native trading boat & go round the corner to Puntianae, or I can do like Paul did, send my luggage round by boat and cut across country on foot from the head of the Suncujon River to the head of the Kapunce R. which runs down to Puntianae. But you will know about it all along as I shall try my best to get at least a few lines to you by every steamer. There are two steamers between this & Sarawak, the Royalist & the Rajah Brooke, and I think there is a steamer each way every week, only they